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Scots Govt Consults on Extending Freedom of Information

 The Scottish Government is to run a consultation on extending its version of the Freedom of Information Act.
This could include: contractors who build and maintain schools, hospitals and roads; private prison operators; leisure, sport and cultural trusts set up by local authorities; Glasgow Housing Association; and the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland.

Scab refuse collection blockaded once again

On Thursday night a group of Edinburgh citizens once again blockaded a vehicle undermining the manual workers' work-to-rule.

SWP report on anti-SDL protests

Article in the SWP newspaper online makes no reference to detailed events or the criticism of their behaviour on the day.

AWL report on anti-SDL activities

Detailed report on yesterday's protests at the AWL website.

Noam Chomsky on Power, the US and Israel

Professor Noam Chomsky was interviewed by telephone before live audiences at three locations in Edinburgh and Glasgow on 10 November 2009. The interview and public meetings were sponsored by Radio Ramadan Edinburgh, Scotland Against Criminalising Communities and the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. One of the venues was a lecture theatre at Glasgow University. The University's politics department refused to publicise the event, saying that it was "too political."

Noam Chomsky: Rush transcript of the interview

Founder of EDL linked to former neo-Nazis and terrorists

 Paul Ray, originator of the English Defence League, has found a new friend: Nick Greger, the German former neo-Nazi who is now a close associate of the Northern Ireland Loyalist Johnny Adair. On Ray’s blog, he and Greger pose together with a t-shirt glorifying Loyalist terrorist organisations as part of a gallery announcing the launch of “The Ancient Order of Templar Knights”.

350: the Magic Number - Edinburgh Joins Global Protest

Yesterday a march in Edinburgh took place to highlight the need for the upcoming Copenhagen summit to pull its finger out and come up with meaningful action on climate change, viz. to limit the amount of atmospheric CO2 to 350 parts per million.

Royal Mail Hiring 30,000 Scabs

Royal Mail is heading for a bitter confrontation with postal workers after announcing plans to recruit an army of 30,000 temporary staff in an attempt to crush the national strike that starts this week.

In a move that stunned union leaders and raised tensions between management and workers to new levels, Royal Mail said it had ordered the biggest recruitment drive in its history "to help keep the mail moving during the strikes called by the Communication Workers Union (CWU)". Sources inside the CWU, which has called national strikes for Thursday and Friday, questioned whether the move was legal and suggested that it could be challenged in the courts.

The Guardian

Glasgow Subway plans Smart-card Tracking Tickets?

The Glasgow subway company, which goes only in 2 directions around a single line, wants to use smart cards for its absurdly simple route map.

"Strathclyde Partnership for Transport has published a notice in the Official Journal of the European Union in which is says it is looking to replace Glasgow subway's magnetic stripe tickets with an electronic ticketing system enabled by smart cards."

National Rail to Guerilla Gardeners: Get off our (derelict) land

A guerilla gardening site in the Southside of Edinburgh has been left after the landowners, National Rail noticed its existence. They wanted £500 / year for the unused land (ten times an allotment rent), probably figuring on its future use as a billboard site. So the site remains derelict, neatly illustrating the point, raised recently by Nowtopia author Chris Carlsson, that all such activities have to deal with the question of land ownership at some point.