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The Pen is Mightier than the Truncheon: Writers Against the G8

The cream of Scottish authors gathered at Edinburgh's Assembly Rooms Thursday past for “Writers Against the G8,� the opening event of the 9th Edinburgh Independent Radical Bookfair.

Popcorn Against Poverty

Richard Curtis has made a TV movie about a fictional G8 summit in Reykjavik, to be broadcast in on TV in July. Plus sweat/sportshop multimillionaire Tom Hunter is bankrolling a premiere at the Cameo this month. It's described as a romantic comedy starring a shy, hard working civil servant working for the British delegation (cos the UK government is the Good Guys in world politics, remember). "It is a romantic, quite funny movie about the issue of world poverty," says Curtis.

Edinburgh Council Spending £125k on G8 Events

Edinburgh Council is spending £80k on events including a "youth summit", £30k on branding & marketing & £10k on providing information. They've set up a special phone line with L&B police (0131 200 2343) and a couple of websites to provide infoirmation for residents on road closures etc: