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Review of terror laws is welcome, but it needs to open its doors

The review of counter-terrorism powers announced last week by Home Secretary Theresa May is very welcome. It is to be hoped that it will mark the beginning of the end for the regime of oppressive anti-terrorism laws enacted by the Labour Government over the last decade. SACC is calling for the reviewers to throw open their doors and invite submissions from all groups with an interest in the issue.

Shenanigans at Glasgow's Castro LGBT Centre

Two fine & detailed articles about financial irregularities and general skullduggery at Glasgow's Castro Centre. The 2nd LGBT Centre to get into debt whilst run by Labour councillor Ruth Black.

News update from Spokes cycle campaign

There are a number of important matters going on just now.   We hope you'll have the time to read this circular carefully and take action on those points that concern or interest you.  If using email addresses shown below, replace AT by @.

Protesters Shut Down A4e Edinburgh Office

Protesters against compulsory “work-for-your-benefits” schemes succeeded in shutting down A4e’s Edinburgh office today Wednesday 16th June.  A4e cancelled all appointments and stuck up a notice declaring their Earl Grey Street office closed for the whole day, as demonstrators gathered outside.

Robert Fisk on Bloody Sunday Inquiry & Army

Shortly before Bloody Sunday, I'd seen them confronting a crowd of angry Protestants just off the Shankill Road. The "Prods" had blocked the street, set fire to some tyres; they were protesting at the lack of security. So the local British battalion in the Ardoyne called up the reserves and the first thing we saw was an Army "Pig" – a big armored vehicle with a wide-bodied snout over the engine – come roaring round the corner, knocking a youth clean off the road on to the pavement. It drove straight into the burning tyres and the paratroopers jumped out of the back with wooden cudgels and got to work on the street lads.

There were howls of rage and curses from the Brits and eventually the Prods cleared off and the soldiers of 1 Para stood in the street looking bored. Then a door opened and out came a man in his fifties. A Belfast Protestant, hair greying, he sort of hobbled on to the street as if he'd been hurt badly years ago and he walked right up to a group of Paras and plunged his hand into his pocket. He brought out an old Army red beret with a metal badge of parachute wings fixed to it and a tatty old regimental tie.

The soldiers watched him, bemused. Then he began to tear the beret to pieces, right there in front of the soldiers, and ripped up the tie. The man was shouting 'Bastards, bastards," over and over again at them and he dropped the ruined beret and tie at his feet and stomped on them. The soldiers laughed. And the man kept shouting "bastards" and he was crying and then he shouted at the soldiers: "I was at Arnhem."

Edinburgh Protest Against Gaza Flotilla Massacre

Around 200 people gathered at the Mound in Edinburgh on Monday to protest against Israel's massacre against the Free Gaza flotilla. Similar protests took place in Glasgow and across the UK.

Protests called in response to Free Gaza massacre

This morning Israeli Defense Forces boarded boats carrying prohibited humanitarian aid to Gaza and killed at least 10 people on board. Protests have been called for this evening in Scotland. Israeli Arabs have called for a general strike there on Tuesday, while in Turkey the Israeli embassy has been the target of fierce protests.

Inverleith Park takeover leaves bitter Taste

A land rights campaigner and local resident is planning to enter the Taste of Edinburgh Festival without a ticket when the event opens for business on Friday.

Andy Wightman asserts that he has a right to enter the festival as a member of the public, which is being held in Inverleith Park, and features celebrity chefs, cookery classes, a champagne and oyster bar, and even has its own internal currency of "crowns," worth fifty pence each.