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Monday Morning Climate Camp Action Roundup

Summarising some of the material from twitter and IMC timeline.

1.30pm Today Monday 23rd actions against climate change and the Royal Bank of Scotland are taking place across Edinburgh, as well as at their Gogarburn HQ.

Sunday Stroll through RBS's office

Mid Sunday afternoon, 100s of people attempted to stroll over the bridge from the Climate Camp to the HQ of RBS. Police tried to stop them.

"National" "newspaper" "report" on RBS invasion

Report from the Scotsman about Friday's incursion into the RBS offices from the Climate camp. Most notable feature of the report is the constant use of "scare quotes" around the phrase "non-violent" in '"non-violent" protest', as if there were some controversy or doubt over such a statement.

Gentle swoop as Climate Camp takes root

The to-be-dramatic "Swoop" to occupy the site of Climate Camp in Edinburgh wasn't so dramatic. As the site, in RBS's back garden, had been taken the night before, many people were already onsite and much (all?) risk taken out of the swoop process.

Climate Camp Have Occupied Gogarburn RBS HQ

Message from climate camp @10:00pm:

At 9.15PM tonight Climate Camp took the site on RBS HQ. Get on site as fast as you can! Defence help urgently needed. Come to RBS Gogarburn Gardens, off Gogar Station Rd. More info later. x

Camp for Climate Action Coming to Edinburgh this week

The Camp for Climate Action comes to Edinburgh this week, for four days of training and direct action. This year they are targeting the Royal Bank of Scotland.
During the camp Coal Action Scotland are organising a trip to Cousland, Growing Resistance.

Rossport Solidarity Camp Update 20th Aug

Hello from Mayo,

Things have been busy enough here for the last while and if your thinking of paying us a visit to the camp then now is a good time to come.  As always there's lots of different things to be doing from campaign work, to gardening to camp maintenance.

In this update:

  • Pat O Donnell finally freed!
  • Beat the Boreholes
  • Write to Niall Harnett
  • Call for submissions against Foreshore licence-deadline 30th Aug
  • Bord Pleanala Oral hearing starting on 24th August

Edinburgh picket in solidarity with Ian Tomlinson's family

A small picket took place outside the Crown Office in Edinburgh in solidarity with the family of Ian Tomlinson, killed by the police last year.

Nuclear Convoy Video

Video footage of a nuclear missle convoy which travelled through Scotland earlier this week.

For more information about these warhear convoys, visit the NukeWatch Website.

"Right to the City Forum" in Glasgow

This is an open invitation to all those who seek to overcome political sectarianism, respect difference, and develop new and ongoing models of cultural and political activity in a time where the need for such organisation is self-evident.