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Nuclear Transport Exercise, 13-15th September

Nuclear warhead convoy exercise is taking place in Prestwick between 13th to 15th September.

Free Hetherington Occupation to End on 31st August

Students at the University of Glasgow occupation are celebrating this week after Principal Anton Muscatelli conceded defeat in his attempt to impose swingeing cuts on the University.

The u-turn comes after six months of pressure exerted by students occupying the Free Hetherington led to concessions ensuring a new postgraduate club, no further cuts to courses and no compulsory redundancies at the University.

Sea Shepherd Boat Seized in Shetland

"Eco-pirate" Paul Watson is losing a race against time to recover his flagship boat, the Steve Irwin, which has been impounded in Shetland.

Edinburgh Uncut Arrests: Charges Dropped

In a victory for the right to protest against the tax dodging of big business and the rich, charges against Uncut activists in Edinburgh were revealed to have been dropped today (4th July).

Edinburgh March in Solidarity with 200,000 "indignados"

On Sunday 11th June, another demonstration of the "15-M" anti-austerity movement took place in Edinburgh. At the same time, more than 200,000 marched in cities across Spain. This was the latest in a series of under-reported actions that have included the blockade of the Catalan parliament and long-running occupations of city squares.

Council--Developer Collusion at North Kelvin Meadow Public Meeting

Press statement regarding the extraordinary open meeting of the North Kelvin Community Council on 28 February 2011

Main points
●The North Kelvin Community Council (NKCC) failed to reflect the views of the community
●Glasgow City Council failed to attend the meeting as scheduled
●New City Vision (NCV) did not present its own proposals but used a hired consultant, leaving NCV’s Steven Black free to issue instructions to Glasgow City Cllr Jim MacKechnie from the sidelines
●The North Kelvin Meadow Campaign calls for a further meeting with GCC in attendance and Steven Black from NCV available to answer questions

Metamorphosis: A statement from the Camp for Climate Action

The near-collapse of the financial system; droughts in the Amazon, floods in Pakistan; a new government in the UK; a violent programme of unprecedented cuts; food prices rising and real incomes eroding; revolutions across the Middle East… This is all very different from 2005 when the Camp for Climate Action first met to spark radical action on the greatest threat to humanity, climate change.

Glasgow Uni Occupiers respond to Management Smear

Statement from the Free Hetherington.

On the 23rd February all students and staff at Glasgow University received an email from senior management detailing events that have occurred surrounding the student occupation of the Hetherington Research Club.

This email is seriously misleading and potentially defamatory and we at the Free Hetherington feel you, the students and staff of this university, deserve a comprehensive explanation of these events.

120 jobs blown away as wind turbine plant shuts

120 staff were sent home without pay from the Skykon plant near Campbeltown after it was put into administration.

Time running out for North Kelvin Meadow

“Time is running out to save an award winning community green space in Glasgow’s West End from Developers”. North Kelvin Meadow, a well used and supported greenspace in the heart of Glasgow’s West End is now the subject of a planning application to build 115 flats, which if successful, will mark the end of this well loved community initiative.