Raid on Scientologist Cult in Edinburgh

Anonymous' protest goes spiffingly
/b/tards raid Scifags in Edinburgh
Anonymous appeared IRL with handbills and placards at Edinburgh's South Bridge on Sunday to picket the ironically titled "Hubbard Academy of Personal Independence", a centre of the Scientology cult. Following their infamous YouTube video, in which they pledged to destroy the organization, Anonymous chose today to carry out global protests, following a campaign of DDOS attacks and Pizza delivery pranks. Anonymous is a collective identity of users of certain image boards, where funny, ultra-offensive, Manga-inspired, Dada-esque memes are ritualistically posted day after day. A phenomena copied from the Japanese 2chan, Western examples include 4chan, 7chan, EbaumsWorld, Your The Man Now Dog, etc.. Estimates of numbers present given by anons varied from 100 to 150. All participants were expected to wear masks or otherwise conceal their identity from the public and Scientologists (who have a sort of FIT team). Further guidelines from the co-ordinating site, pled for protesters to stay within the law. While eight police were present, the event remained peaceful, and no Anonymous was put in the ridiculous position of having his or her name taken by the cops. IRL = In Real Life DDOS = Distributed Denial of Service Attacks,



Re: Raid on Scientologist Cult in Edinburgh

By Makhno

x, when you talk about Judaism and Islam, you are generalising in a harmful way about the faiths of millions of people. They do not all repress women, or have extremist tendencies. Islam, and Judaism, is not 'monolithic'. Jews, or Muslims, do not all believe or act the same way. Many Muslims are trade-unionists and socialists, many do not advocate bombing or beheading or even the subordination of women. Many Jews have similarly sound political and social beliefs. Be careful with those generalisations, they are one of the causes of racism. But I do agree that most religions have often been terrible and oppressive, and they all have false beliefs about the world and how it works. Religions are a source of irrationality and anti-realism that is always detrimental for human progress. This is why I am an atheist.

Re: /b/tards raid Scifags in Edinburgh

By captain crunch

Nice one. Where do you announce future protests? A little article-writing style tip: tard and fag are not normally words you find in indymedia article titles. Otherwise thumbs up.

Re: Raid on Scientologist Cult in Edinburgh

By One of those deaf mutes

Hi. For future protests, try Re style - I'm personally far more familiar with Indymedia that I am with Anonymous. It's a sort of techno-nihilist concept completely unrelated to any left wing activism (nascent situationism?). I used the argot to emphasize this. Admins, thanks for clarifying and not censoring.

pictures and videos

By Makhno

pictures and videos of the lovely anti-$cientology protest in Edinburgh.short videos from utube:

Re: Raid on Scientologist Cult in Edinburgh

By x

nice one folks hows about broadening out to the other, more harmful, cults like the Xians , jews(religion not race) and muslims?

broadening out?

By Kettle

i think "broadening out to ... jews and musims" is a shit and stupid idea.

Re: Raid on Scientologist Cult in Edinburgh

By x

oops. I should have said christianity, judaism and islam rather than jews and muslims. Cheers for pointing that out. I was wondering why the deluded types who follow the teachings of a sci-fi writer are targetted when the abrahamic faiths are so much more dangerous and have a much greater influence on the world are pretty much left alone. Islam itself seems to be an almost sacred cow among certain portions of the left wich I find rather absurd given its treatment of women and extreminst tendencies. People who would be appalled at the views espoused by christianity shy away from risking offending people of the muslim faith. No matter it seems it was a good event by the looks of it. Anyone who follows a religion started by a guy who said that the easiest way to get rich is to start a religion needs a bitof a wake up call. Well done people.

Re: Raid on Scientologist Cult in Edinburgh

By One of those..

As for anon, I suspect Scientology offends him on a mimetic level, in the sense that the scienos are like a hierarchical replica of himself, and he seems to believe in autonomy. He probably can't recognize the binary distinction between oppressor/oppressed, majority/minority or us/them that's implicit in "defending muslims" or taking pains not to be seen as an anti-semite (or even a non-racist). Nor could he see the imperative to behave in a consistent manner, and condemn all repressive belief systems equally..

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