Nuclear Transport Exercise, 13-15th September

Nuclear warhead convoy exercise is taking place in Prestwick between 13th to 15th September.

Nuclear exercise in Ayrshire

Carrick Gazette
7 September 2011

An exercise to test responses to an emergency scenario involving a
Ministry of Defence (MOD) nuclear weapon convoy will take place in South
Ayrshire this week.

The scenario for Exercise Senator is based on a series of highly
improbable events involving a UK nuclear weapon convoy. This routine
emergency planning exercise will take place at HMS Gannet in Prestwick.

The exercise will test the response of the MOD and the civil emergency
services including Strathclyde Police, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue
Service and the Scottish Ambulance Service, as well as the Scottish
Government, the Atomic Weapons Establishment, local authorities and
other key agencies.

Members of the public will not be affected by the exercise, which will
involve around 300 people; however, there will be increased activity
around the HMS Gannet site for the duration of the exercise.

An MOD spokesperson said: “The MOD has an exemplary nuclear safety
record. There has never been an emergency involving UK nuclear weapons
that has led to – or come anywhere near – the type of scenario we will
be testing.”

A Strathclyde Police spokesperson said “While there is very little
likelihood of such an event ever happening, we have to be prepared for
all eventualities and this scenario is simply the latest in a number of
emergencies that are tested on an ongoing basis.

“This will allow us to identify where we get things right and where we
could, potentially, make further improvements that will benefit the
emergency response arrangements. It’s vital our public services plan and
practice for all scenarios and this exercise will help us do just that.”

Exercise Senator takes place between 13-15 September 2011.