A Very English Coup

It’s not for nothing that the twentieth century is known in ‘Britain’ as the ‘Conservative century’. And make no mistake, if we remain in this dying union much longer, then before we know it, the Conservative twenty-first century will be well underway. No-one does British statecraft like the Tories, as the Liberal Democrats will discover first-hand.


Re: A Very English Coup

By Hans B.

The Planning and Doing of Aggressive War is the supreme international crime on the planet earth, as it actuates all other crimes high, low, big, and small.  It is the Imperialist camp headed by U.S. Imperialism that is holding the global pollution in place and the Conservatives or Tories are the ones that collaborate in the Nazis-Fascist axis powers of 1) might makes right, 2) Unilateralism, 3) Pre-emptive strikes. 

If you understand the past you can realize the present place today.  During the thirties of last century the tories and liberals actually supplied the nazis-fascist military axis with supplies of war materials while denighing their own working classes with living wages while pretending to be to broke to do so. 

However when the Imperialist war of aggression broke out there was unlimited monies available.  Canada, U.S.A. and British Imperialism provided both nazis Germany with monies and war materials and directed the Hitler regime to attack the flegling soviet union and destoy it in the cradle.  That is the truth of the matter-in-motion that they pretend to hide as hidden comments.  That is the truth of all the deaths of the second world war. 

It was the Imperialist-Camp and its lying propaganda that caused and supplied the Aggression of Japan and Germany by supplying 50% of its war machine in both countries, and then egging them on to destroy the workers state of the new socialist society in the soviet union. 

They have not stopped in the mission of destroying independence and genuine socialist freedoms throughout the world.  In fact their blockade of the soviet union which caused the starvation along with the Imperialist war, is still proceeding in the blockade of socialist Cuba in present time. 

It is the empries that refuse to allow the collective bargaining and the collective agreements of the organized world labour movement to work for the liberation of us all  (ie Gender Parity),that is behind the present crisis throughout the world.  The conservatives definitely are backing that system of exploitation of labour.  The above article is correct in that.  Workers of the world, unite!!  Viva Scotland and its new independence and parliament.  Elect women equally thusly restoring the matriarchy, to achieve the liberation of the specie.