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November 26th

Hope is the Rejection of the Status Quo

By Mike Small Here’s the text from Saturday’s Radical Independence Conference #RIC2012 with some of the follow-up responses. I want to talk briefly about how we shift from thinking and [...]

Fuel Poverty: A choice between “heating and eating” is killing 2000 Scots each year

Statistics on fuel poverty make for bleak reading. 28% of homes in Scotland are considered to be in fuel poverty which means they spend over 10% of their income on energy bills. Scottish Government housing condition research states that private tenants are the most likely sector of society to experience “extreme fuel poverty” (defined as spending over 20% of income on energy). 

Radical Independence Conference 2012 Declaration

This Declaration was read out at the RIC conference by Pat Kane: DECLARATION We call for independence for the Scottish people. No responsibility more defines a generation than its responsibility [...]

November 25th

Inside Stories

Edinburgh Anarchist Black Cross are holding an info and discussion evening.

We’ve invited some people who have spent time in jail to speak about their experiences and hope to discuss the role of prisoner support and solidarity as well as strategies to resist the Prison Industrial Complex.

Hopefully we’ll have tea and cake too…please come along and help spread the word.

The Scottish Indy Podcast Episode 13 – Robin McAlpine

For Episode 13 Michael Greenwell spoke with Robin McAlpine who, amongst other things, is the editor of Scottish Left Review and the director of the advocacy group The Reid Foundation. Democracy was a [...]

Radical Independence Conference – 3 observations

by Pat Kane Some brief notes from the Radical Independence Conference in Glasgow – written for myself, and not in the spirit of “translating” abstractions and theories for wider use, something often [...]

2012 Radical Independence Conference: How was it for you? What next?

by Kevin Williamson On Friday afternoon I was in the magnificent Canterbury Cathedral in Kent for my daughter’s graduation ceremony.  It was a great day out and yes I was [...]

Norway, Scotland, and why I was wrong about the arc of insolvency

Last week Iain Macwhirter wrote an excellent article ‘Face reality: We could be as prosperous as Norway.’  It was a must read essay, not least because it was written by the journalist [...]

November 24th

Inside Stories: Prisoner support event Thursday 29th November

Co-Op – Cancel The Atos Contract! Glasgow Picket Report

  p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }a:link { On Thursday 22nd a dozen people, including members of benefit claimants' groups Black Triangle and the Crutch Collective, Clydeside Industrial Workers Of The World, Glasgow Anarchist Federation, Glasgow Solidarity Federation as well as other individuals took part in the hour long picket of the Co-Op Bank a