Archive - May 4, 2010

AFed: The case against voting

A piece by Edinburgh & Glasgow Anarchist Federation groups on the question, "Is it ever OK to not vote?" A version of this was published by the Sunday Herald and is being discussed at LibCom, along with the counter-view by the campaign director of Vote For A Change. This version is the unedited article, as submitted to the paper.

Tied Hands

 latest editorial by antifaresistance, about repressive strategies in europe

Poisoned Chalice, anyone?

As a nation reels from what can only be described as ‘a kick in the polls’ by the London Meeja and their cross-party paymasters, Christopher Harvie writes on bankers, historians, industrialites and elites: Argument with Michael Fry, the grand fauve of Scottish history, is exhilarating, and as usual the solid citizen has to talk the [...]

Scottish Green Party on the Indefensible

Peter McColl and Elaine Morrison write: The Liberal Democrats are a third party. This means that they choose their policies not on principle, but because they distinguish liberal democrats from Labour and the Conservatives. But this distinction can never be firm enough to distance Liberal Democrats from centrist voters. This is particularly the case in [...]